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Samengestelde zelfstandige naamwoorden / Compound nouns


What article should you use when you create a compound noun. Should the new compound noun take it's definitely article from the FIRST part of the compound noun or from the SECOND.

- de bus + het station = het busstation?

I have one book that tells me this, but I have another that contradicts it!

Please help.

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    I'm no native as you already know, but i'm 100% it takes the article of the second word. And I've never found any exception to this rule, up to this point.
    Just out of curiousity what's the name of the book that states otherwise ?

    I am native Dutch and it should be from the SECOND noun. I cannot think of any word where you should take the first word. Although Dutch is notorious for its irregularity! I am curious if you can add a word which contradicts with the general rule.

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