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How do you say: Wil jij gan ?

How do you say "would you like to go" as in "to go there?" Wil jij gan ?
Dankjewel ! :)

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    Lauwrence is right, 'wil je gaan?' is possible : )
    FYI, 'je' is the casual form of jij/jou/jouw.
    'Wil je met mij gaan' is not necessarily more natural.

    Other options would be:
    Wil je erheen (gaan)?
    Wil je ernaartoe (gaan)?
    I wrote 'gaan' between brackets because it is almost always omitted!

    If you are going anyway and you are merely asking the other person if he/she would like to join, it is most natural to ask:
    Wil je (met me) mee (gaan)? (I think maybe this is what Laurence meant)

    Hope it helps :)


    As a non native and beginner you might not want to take my advice, but I'm pretty sure it's:

    "Wil je gaan?"

    Although I think it's more common to say "Wil je met mij gaan?" - will you go with me

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