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Dutch: you do, don't you? -> niet waar, is het niet, ...

Ik heb "niet waar?" en "is het niet?" gevonden.
Zijn beide varianten evengoed en gebruikelijk? Of een heel andere variant?
Dank je wel!

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    Yes, both are equally possible, however we don't really use them :) Way more natural would be to use 'toch' or 'hè'. However, I think that in some cases there is a slight difference between the two.
    For example,
    'Je gaat, toch?' (You're gonna go [to that party], right?) sounds more like 'I know you're going because that is what you told me a week ago, but I'm just checking again to make sure'. Toch is really for simply confirming something once again.
    'Je gaat, hè?' could mean either the exact same thing as the above, OR something like: 'I have a feeling that, although you just told me you were not sure yet, you actually are planning to go.. am I right?' It is as if you are making assumptions about someone's unspoken feelings/intentions/knowledge. Other examples would be: 'Dat vond je niet leuk, hè?' (You didn't like that, did you?) Dat wist je al, hè? (You [secretly] knew that already, didn't you?)

    Another context in which you usually have to use hè instead of toch would be when you are supposing that someone else has the same opinion as you:
    'Wat een mooi weer vandaag, hè (or: vind je niet)?' The weather is nice today, isn't it (/don't you think so)?
    'Die leraar is nogal streng, hè (vind je niet?)?' That teacher is quite strict, isn't he (/don't you think so)?

    As a sidenote, when you use 'toch', be careful with your intonation and punctuation because 'toch' also means 'anyway'.
    For example:
    Je gaat, toch? (with pause before toch) = You're gonna go, right?
    Je gaat toch? (without pause, and with emphasis on 'toch' in speech) = You're gonna go anyway? (even though it rains? / even though your friend told you not to go?)

    Hope it helps! :)

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