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What does kolan mean?


I hear this word all the time and I don't know what it means and I don't think googletranslate does either.

Is it kolan کلن or kalan کالن ? Thanks

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    I think you want to say 'Kollan'
    It is actually an Arabic phrase, meaning 'the whole' or 'for everything', 'any', 'basically', 'at all', etc. in Persian. It is constructed from 'kol (all) + Arabic Tanvin'

    An example: I don't like him at all/ I don't like any of his actions = 'man kollan az ou badam miaayad'
    In Persian: من کلاً از او بدم می‌آد

    My overall performance was good: man kollan khoob kar kardam
    In persian: من کلاً خوب کار کردم

    It is actually a new spelling form for what used to be کلا meaning "completely".
    In fact, These days Iranians have changed lots of words with Arabic spelling when chatting, texting, posting on the internet; neglecting the fact that the words themselves are Arabic originally.
    Some examples are
    مثلا، (for example)----> is now spelled مثلن
    اصلا (never, no way)-----------> اصلن
    کلا (completely) ------------> کلن
    and many others.
    Hope it can help.

    "kollan" means "totally" and "kamelan" means "completely". They both words are almost the same.

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