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salam i need your help to translate the following

سوزن دوستي
قرار دهند
سخت نگیر
if you can write some sentences will be much better with my best regards to you all

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    سوزن دوستي: ***I have no idea what you mean by this.
    مرنج: "don't get offended, don't resent, don't get upset"
    قرار دهند: ***this is actually a verb and it the infinitive is "to put, to place", based on different tenses it might change, You need to provide us with the complete sentence.
    نگردان: "don't make" *** but it really can't be translated alone, give us the complete sentence.
    مگردان: ***the same as above
    بگذارم: *** can't be translated alone!!!!
    زورگیری: "extortion
    اهنگ : "music" "song"
    سخت نگیر: "take it easy"

    As Majid said, it is better that you write complete Persian sentence for more accurate on translation. Just i can say now, "sakht nagir" means "Don't take it hard (literal translation)", but you can also translate it, "take it easy".

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