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i need to know all the names of fruits from Arabic to English .

such as Apple means تفاحة
banana means موزة

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    برتقال = orange
    تفاح = apple
    بطيخ = melon " water melon"
    شمام = sweet melon
    كمثرى = pear
    أناناس = pineapple
    فراولة = strawberry
    مانجا = mango
    تين = fig
    خوخ = peach
    كيوي = kiwi
    الاسكادنيا = loquat
    باباي = papaya
    جوز الهند = coconut
    مشمش = apricot
    جوافة = Guava
    كستناء = chestnut
    اليوسفي = mandarin orange
    سفرجل = quince

    ** vegetables = خضروات
    طماطم =tomato
    ملفوف =cabbage
    كوسة = marrow
    باذنجان = egg-fruits
    ثوم = garlic
    بصل = onion
    نعناع = mint
    بقدونس = parsley
    قرنبيط = cauliflower
    خيار = cucumbers
    بامية =okra
    جزر = carrots
    سبانخ = spinach
    خس = lettuce

    Hi: I am egyptian but I live in the US. I hope we can be freinds. Here are few words

    3enab means grabs
    toot means blackburry
    krais means cherry

    mawz = bananas
    tamr = dates
    mish-mish = abricots
    lawz = almonds
    bortoqal = grapefruit

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