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Hand gestures in Thailand

I'm going on a volunteer trip to Thailand where I will be working at an orphanage. For this trip, I need to bring some photos of myself for the children to make a scrapbook. There is a photo I would like to bring, but I am doing a thumbs-up sign in it. I have read on a website that it can be rude gesture, may I please have some clarification? Would this photo be culturally appropriate?

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    As Thai people I think thumbs-up sign in photo isn't rude. Actually thumbs-up isn't a gesture that Thai people normally do. It's just that.
    But there has a childlish behavior when you feel bad/hate someone you make a thumbs-up sign to their face (with grumpy face) to show that you don't like that person. As I said it's so childlish, just kids do that. If you do thumbs-up sign with smile and say nice thing , I don't think they'll misunderstand it to a bad way. Better not do it in front of people faces, I mean literally the FRONT. you can do the sign lateral.
    Anyway in Thai hand language for deaf people, they do thumbs-up sign to refered to good/best thing too.

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