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Capitalization in Indonesian?


How does capitalization work in Indonesian? Do you have to capitalize the names of countries? Languages? And do you need to capitalize "Anda"?

Thanks! Terima kasih!

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    This called EYD or Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan

    1. Initial letter of first word in sentence
    2. Initial letter of a religion, religious figure and religious objects
    3. Initial letter of title of respect when used with name Initial letter of title when followed by name of person
    4. Initial letters of proper names
    5. Initial letters of names of places, languages, ethnic groups
    6. Initial letter of days of week, months, holidays & historical events
    7. Initial letters of geographic places when used with name itself
    8. Initial letters of titles abbreviated
    9. Initial letters of personal pronouns when used in respectful way
    10. Salutations and closings of letters
    11. Acronyms usually
    12. 1st letter of 1st word in direct quote in quotation marks
    13. Personal pronoun "Anda" always capitalized
    and yes country use the capitalization too!

    hope it helped


    Everyone is busy voting today no doubt! I'm sure someone will be along soon to chime in.

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