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Francusku/ Francuskoj?

Ti putuješ u FrancuskU/OJ.

I'm a little bit confused...the case is lokativ, but the word has -ska suffix, so it should be -OJ in my opinion. However in the textbook is written -U. What is the rule? :)

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    Lina, the case you should use is ACCUSATIVE. (#4), which we are using for explanation of DIRECTION. ( Francuska, Framcuske, Francuskoj, FRANCUSKU, Francuska, Francuskom, Francuskoj ). You will got it on the questions: koga ? šta ? KUDA ?. And it is in use with the prepositions: uz, niz, nad, pod, kroz, za, niz, na, u, o, po, medju, pred ...
    If you need some more information, let me know.

    Since you are talking about a verb with motion, putuješ, you would use "Putuješ u francusku." Ja sam u Francuskoj for static, as in one places and different when you are referring to moving somewhere. Is that right, Kamenko?

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