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How do I say, "I'm a homeschool mom", or, "Im an unschooling mom" in Esperanto?


One correction I have says that my children are "in homeschool", and I would never say that as we use the word unschool or homeschool as a term describing how they are educated, not a place.

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    You cannot find the expression "homeschooling mom" in any Esperanto dictionary. What makes it more difficult for me to find an adequate Esperanto - word is that homeschooling is forbidden in Germany where I live. But as I understand the phenomenon is that you as a mother teach your own children at home.


    instruistino = a female qualified teacher
    at home = hejme
    a mother = patrino
    instrui = to teach

    My conclusion is: hejminstruanta patrino
    = a mother who teaches at home

    The woord "school" in Esperanto is "lernejo", but that refers to a building, where the pupils are taught in class.

    Could you accept the translation "hejinstruanta patrino"?

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