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Hvorfor vil du lære norsk?


Jeg har truffet mange folk i det siste som er interessert i å lære norsk fordi de liker Ylvis. Jeg synes det er kjempegøy at de har inspirert folk til å lære norsk.

Hvorfor vil du lære norsk? Har du norsk familie? Liker du norsk musikk eller norske filmer? Liker du å lese nyheter på norsk?


I have met a lot of people lately who are interested in learning Norwegian because they like Ylvis. I think it's really fun that they have inspired people to learn Norwegian.

Why do you want to learn Norwegian? Do you have Norwegian family? Do you like Norwegian music or Norwegian films? Do you like to read the news in Norwegian?

For learning: Norwegian
Base language: Norwegian
Category: Culture



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    Hei! I love the sound of the language! It's different from all the languages I speak (Hungarian, English and some Spanish) and I have wanted to learn a Scandinavian language for a while now, so I have picked Norwegian. :)

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