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What is the translation of RINDU in English?

What I mean here is RINDU (or KANGEN) as a noun.

How do you translate "Ada rindu" into English? Either the exact word or maybe the gist?

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    Usually translates best as 'missing ....'. or "I miss ......'


    My kamus says Longing or yearning. Neither would be used in conversational English often.

    The gist - I am longing to be home with my family again. She was longing for recognition of her work. Basically a strong desire for an outcome. This is pretty abstract language.

    it means MISS...
    for example : "Aku Rindu Kamu", means I Miss You.
    Rindu is verb, "Rindu" also use for girl's name.
    e.g : "Nama saya Rindu", My name is Rindu.

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