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Which are the phonetic differences bewteen Portuguese Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese?

How do we pronounce them in Brazil?

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    It is a lot more complex answer that the question you ask. Actually, those letters change sounds according to how they are surrounded (pretty much like tone changing in mandarin).

    As a general rule, people from Portugal will speak faster and have a more sharp sound.

    But I'd say those letters you mention are not the biggest difference between both variants (I however have not been around portugeuse for at least a year... might have gotten into trouble to memoirze)

    I learnt Portuguese in Portugal many years ago. European Portuguese is quite unusual in the way that it sounds. Written down, it's similar to Spanish, but the pronunciation sounds nothing like neighbouring European Spanish, for example. It's strange, but there are many features of the pronunciation of European Portuguese that make it sound more like a Slav language (from Eastern Europe, for example) - to the English-speaking 'ear' at least. And that's not just me - many other English-speaking people say the same thing.

    Brazilian portuguese is much more musical in its sound, and much more 'Latino'. I'd agree that the intonation is the key difference, more than the pronunciation of individual phonemes. Though there are some differences there too - the one that struck me the most (again as an 'outsider', listening with an 'English ear' ) is the pronunciation of the letter 'd', particularly at the end of a word. For example, a word like 'verdade' : in European Portuguese the last consonant sounds somewhere between a very soft 'd' and a 'th' in English, whereas in Brazilian Portuguese it is almost like an English 'j' sound.

    These are just my impressions. If any Brazilian or Portuguese people want to correct me, please do!

    to me. the sound between portuguese speak in africa/portugal and portuguese in Brazil is the same. except only accent. (Formal Portuguese).
    compare with english sound - D like Doctor and T like Test. R has two sound R like H in english like hospital and R liker R in english like Roadway.


    The accent is complety different is same comparation between of British english and American english or French from Quebec and French from Paris.
    We speak different way and between Brazil you have a lot of differents accents and the same happen in Portugal, but inside of both countries we didn't lose the particular accent.
    The brazilians looks are sing and the Portuguese from Portugal is the one language coming from the Latin language with pronounced as particularm, is unique, you don't will find any Latin language with this accent, and is also more hard to foreign.
    The foreign choice the Portuguese from Brazil but after almost of them have problems to speak with Portuguese person who learn Portugueuse from Portugal and after learn the another or have contact with the language have less problems :).

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