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What's the best tablet for foreign language ebooks?


I've been thinking of saving up for some kind of tablet so that I can purchase ebooks in Norwegian and Spanish, and maybe someday soon in French as well. Norwegian books in particular are extremely expensive, especially to buy and ship to the US. I would love to be able to read ebooks instead.

I'm not the most techsavvy person, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, but I know I want to be able to use apps like for Spanish and French, I want to be able to access online dictionaries like and a Norwegian online bokmål/nynorsk dictionary. It would be great if I could also use it for duolingo when I'm not on the computer.

Do you have any recommendations? I'm hoping for something less fancy and expensive than an ipad, but I'm worried that may be the only option for what I want to use it for.

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Maybe a better question would be, where can one find foreign language ebooks?

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    I have both a tablet (nexus) and a kindle and I find that if you don't live in the country or have an address there you can't gain access to the foreign online book sites for ebooks. Even the ones that sell print books don't often ship to the US which is why I'm planning on picking up a couple books while I'm over there so I don't have to beg my Norwegian friends to ship some to me xD My friend managed to find copies of some Jo Nesbø ebooks and sent them to me but that's all I have. If you find any good resources let us know! :)


    I don't know if this might be of interest, but you should be able to find Norwegian classics available free here:

    Really struggling to find anything more modern though. Like Courtney, I'm planning on just buying books when I'm in Norway.

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