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Gusto ko ng/ang

I'm trying to figure out ang and ng, with "gusto ko"...I think I was taught incorrectly.

Are these correct?

Gusto ko ng tinapay = I like bread (generally).

Gusto ko ang bread. = I like the bread (a specific bread).

Is this correct?

Gusto ko ang kape sa Starbucks. I like the coffee at Starbucks. (ang, because I'm referring to a specific bread).


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    It may not have much to do with being general or specific, but more of when you want or like to have it. Maybe these examples can help you understand when to use "ng" or "ang" or not to use either of them at all.

    Gusto ko NG tinapay. = I want/would like to have (any type of) bread (now).

    Gusto ko NG tinapay na mainit pa. = I want/would like to have bread that is still warm (now).

    Gusto ko NG tinapay sa agahan/almusal. = I want/would like to have bread for breakfast. (This is like telling/ordering someone the night before to serve you bread for breakfast in the morning.)

    Gusto ko NG kape sa Starbucks. = I want/would like to have Starbucks coffee (now).

    Gusto ko ANG tinapay. – We would most likely not say this as is because it sounds more like just a phrase. It needs to be followed by a rationale for liking it.


    Gusto ko ANG tinapay habang ito ay mainit pa. = I like bread while it is still warm

    Gusto ko ANG tinapay na nabibili sa tindahang malapit sa amin. = I like the bread that we get to buy from our neighborhood store.

    Gusto ko ANG tinapay sa agahan/almusal. = I like bread (but only or preferably) for breakfast.

    Gusto ko ANG kape sa Starbucks = I like Starbucks coffee (because of the way they brew them).

    Without “ANG” or “NG” suggest making a choice:

    Gusto ko tinapay sa agahan/almusal. = This may come across as an order too, but can also be said to mean, “I like having bread at breakfast”, i.e., in general. (Context determines the intended meaning.) The liking for bread here means that you prefer it over other options.

    Similarly, if, for example, someone asks you, “Anong gusto mong kainin mamaya sa hapunan? Gusto mo ba ng kanin, tinapay, o pasta?” (What would you like to eat later for dinner? Would you like rice, bread, or pasta?). You may answer this with “Gusto ko tinapay.” (I’d like/prefer bread.)

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