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How many letter are there in Chinese?

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    I will assume you are talking about Mandarin Chinese...

    There is no alphabet.

    There are tens of thousands of characters and each character has its pronunciation which can be written in pinyin - and pinyin does use an alphabet.

    For example, 上海 in pinyin (without tones) is [ shang hai ] and means Shanghai.

    Each character also has a radical. There are 214 and this is similar to an alphabet, but not the same.

    Taking 海 as an example, its radical is 氵 (which is from 水, meaning "water"). Shanghai means "upon the sea", so it makes sense that 海 "sea" has this water radical. Other examples are: 河 "river", 湖 "lake" and 汗 "sweat".

    If each Chinese writes a letter then there are over 1 billion letters :)

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