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What are vocals (a, i, u, e, o) for completing the word aw? Also, what does it mean?

اوى aw

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    It means "very", but it's Egyptian dialect and not used in standard Arabic.

    أوي = awi

    if you mean that in standard Arabic,the meaning according to sentence

    لعن الله من آوى محدث”la’n allah mn awa muhdth”
    عاقب الله من حمى السارق “ ‘aqb allha mn hmaa alsaarq”
    عاقب punished
    من حمى: who protect
    السارق :the thief

    آوى الى فراشه”awa aila firaashh”
    استلقى على فراشه “iastalqa ‘la firaashh”
    استلقى: Lie back
    على فراشه: on his bed
    آوى الفقير”awa alfaqiyr”
    جعله يعيش في منزله”ga’lah ya’iysh fy manzluh”
    جعله Let him
    يعيش : live
    في منزله: in his house
    but if you mean in slang
    in egyptian "awy" means a lot or much
    in the levant "awy" means strong we use أ instead of ق in slang

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