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Es Scheint größer zu sein? Why is it correct?


I came across a sentence that said 'It seems bigger' and I had to translate.The correct answer was 'Es Scheint größer zu sein.'Why can't I just put 'Es scheint größer?'

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    Oh, you actually can say the short version, 'though it isn't that correct. It's more used in spoken German because of laziness but in the end it is like in Entlish. You can say:
    It seems bigter - Es scheint größer
    It seems to be bigger - Es scheint größer zu sein
    As in English you can drop that "zu sein" ("to be") but it's obviously better to write the full sentence. I.mean, you could also mean "it seems to become bigger" - "es scheint größer zu werden", but thats more specific.

    just another note: please don't write "scheint" with a captial s, that's wrong^^"

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