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Turkcede ne demek !! how to say this in Turkish ??

yazebilirim, ve inebilir miyim !! ............... bonlar biliyorum

how can i say:
I can't right that !!

and how to say:
didn't he tell you how to fix the problem ??

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    I cannot understand what you mean, your English doesn't make sense also...
    It can't be right with me...
    yazabilirim show the ability of verb and mean I can write opposite of it yazamam (I can't write)
    inebilir miyim ( Hava I could to get off?) show of asking about ability to get off
    about the last sentence you should say
    Problemi nasıl çözeceğini sana söylemedi mi?

    Yazabilirim: i can write
    İnebilir miyim?: can i go down? Or can i get down?

    I cant right that. ( i did not understand that )

    Didnt he tell you how to fix the problem?: (o) sana problemin nasil çözüleceğini söylemedi mi?

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