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how to say a couple of things regarding days.

Hey my friends.

I am looking for the best way to say a few things, and i do not trust a google translate for this.

How is best to say...

The day before yesterday...
Three days ago...
Five days from now.
The day after tomorrow.

appreciate any tips


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    Hello, Шон.

    The day before yesterday...Позавчера
    Three days ago...Три дня назад
    Five days from now....Через пять дней
    The day after tomorrow....Послезавтра

    For the day before the day before yesterday you can also use 'Позапозавчера' and so on.

    Although Google can be hit or miss, these phrases all make sense and are something that a native English speaker would say. Here are some alternatives if you are looking for another way to say these ideas.

    The day before yesterday... - Two days ago...
    Three days ago... - (this is the best way to express this idea)
    Five days from now. - five days
    The day after tomorrow. - Two days from now...

    Hope this helps!


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