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Who is going to help me learn Portuguese?

For learning: Portuguese
Base language: English
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    For the time being i connt helps it, ok?
    Only later.
    Por enquanto não posso ajudá-la, ok?
    Só mais tarde.
    Feio (ugly).
    Hi Jenny, I can help you learn portuguese......and I want to learn english can you help me?

    I can hep you. I'm brazilian and I'm a Portuguese teacher.

    I could if you want-


    I can help you. I am english teacher and I am brazilian so I would be happy to help you.
    I can help you lady, but with a little condition, can you help me to learn english ?
    Bye Bye (Até logo)
    Hi, i can help you ... but my portuguese is from Brasil different from Portugal, is that a problem???
    I am at your disposal to teach you Portughese.
    Hi, I can teach you portuguese and you teach me greek. Sounds like perfect.
    eu posso ensina-la
    Oi, tudo bem ? eu posso te ajudar !!!
    yeap, everybody can help you but i'd like to know you... see you
    Hi Jenny...I will try...Is it possible you tech me english?

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