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Indonesians, please answer. What dialect is used by most Indonesians when speaking Arabic language?

Is it Egyptian or Saudi or other?

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    I think the best choose for you it’s learn standard Arabic so you can communicate with all the Arab countries but if you learned a dialect such as Egyptian or Lebanese .... etc., you will not be able to understand other dialects
    to learn standard Arabic you need at first learn the basic things that will help a lot to improve your Arabic with the time but You must choose good sources for learning and can also to encourage yourself to learn standard Arabic remind yourself that many Indonesian needed to learn Arabic because it is the language of the Quran and you can help them ^-^

    good luck to you

    Classical Arabic language understood by all Arabic-language called white
    It is the language of the quran try listen to the quran enter the site and listen and into the site found Translation

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