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how do i say "i am fine"

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    keep out this ana meneh and ana meneha it's not arabic pure language > it's libanon new combinate it's not pure .
    So take > Ana Bikhair > أنا بخير

    y can say in arabic man or woman : ana bkhair ,
    another answer :
    man: ana mneh
    woman : ana mneha

    the common answer is:

    Ana Bikhair = i'm fine or u can say like arabs >> Ana Bikhair, alhamdolellah = i'm fine, thanks God

    good luck
    Dear sweetlin,
    I advise you to stuck with common expressions always, so you find arabic language is easy and you will be understood from all native arabic speakers. otherwise, u will be easly confused and then u will lose your interest of learning arabic sooooooooooooooon.
    Take care
    you can say ( ana mean (i'am ) (bekhair ) mean fine or good .. am good (ana bekhair) ..
    انا بخير
    there are alot of phrases to express that but you can say ' ana kwiesa or ana bekhair or ana bes7a gaida ' all means I am fine ok hope you understand bye

    Hi ..i am fine = ANA BEKHAIR

    ana bekheer

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