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are u learning romanian?

if yes, How long have u been learning it?
is it easy to learn it for beginner? I think that romania is a beautiful contry.
and I am getting interested in this language. But there are not too many information, so could u introduce me to any site which I can learn a basic word?

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    Hello,as a romanian I can tell yoy my language,as a latin language,has a very beautiful harmony...It`s not very hard to learn it if you have a strong will for this.Grammar is complicated but for a beginner it can be easely understood,basic things,then its easy to grow up,level by level.I am a student in humanities university,if you think I can help you,I would be glad,
    Hello Sik. I'm not learning romanian, but I have some friends who have learnt it and they found it beautiful and not very difficult. Thank you for your nice words about my country.
    You asked about any info that could help you learn romanian. I have some sites that could be helpful.
    If you have any question... feel free to ask :)

    i can help you on romanian languages
    for nihon

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