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Romanian Minimal Pairs Examples?

I have recently come across a study by Japanese teachers teaching English, in that many Japanese people learning English have difficulty differing "Rock" and "Lock" - referred to as a Minimal Pair.
English examples include "Pea" and "Bee" - recognising the difference between P and B, another of "Bard" and "Bare" - to notice the difference in the A sound changing.

I have found a couple of examples in Romanian...
rău - râu
țări - țâri
văr - vâr
mână - mină
pâr - păr - par

You may have notices all of these examples use î/â and I am trying to find as many with any other vowels or consonants to help my practice. Can anyone please provide any other examples you can think of.

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    Hi, Perhaps what you're looking for in romanian is named "paronime". I hope this link below helps you: I am not so sure that the examples you gave are "paronime". In romanian it is spoken as it si wroten so can't be clasified as phonetical confusion, Even so here you have some more examples that i can think right now about: râde - rade ramă - râmă rană . rână pană - până Spor la învaţat în continuare!

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