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how can I use N + (이)라니요 and A/V + 다니 ?


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    1. when you are shocked or cannot understand something because it's too bad or unfair or something like that.
    제 시계는 아직 9시인데 '지각'이라니요!
    My watch says it's still 9, how come I'm late!
    제가 이렇게 아픈데 고작 '감기'라니요!
    I'm in this much pain, are you sure it's just a cold?
    저 사람이 '얼짱'이라니요~
    How he could be '얼짱(famous for handsome look)'?

    2. This also shows your excitement or surprise.

    100년도 넘은 건물이 이렇게 아름답다니!
    This building is over 100 years old, but it's so beautiful.
    오늘이 시험보는 날인데 이렇게 교실이 시끄럽다니.
    It's a test day, how come this classroom is so noisy!
    대충 만든 것 같은데 음식이 이렇게 맛있다니.
    She made this dish so easily, but it's so delicious.

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