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La diferencia de "casi" y "apenas"

Can anyone explain the difference between "casi" and "apenas"? Gracis!

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    Hello, I found this example::

    Su hijo tiene casi 2 años.
    His son is almost 2 years old.

    Su hijo tiene apenas 2 años
    His son is only 2 years old.

    Hope it helps.

    "casi" means almost. Ex:
    Casi llego a casa/ I'm almost home.
    Casi paso el examen/ I almost passed the test
    La comida casi esta lista/ The food is almost ready

    "Apenas' means just. Ex:
    Sandy apenas comio/ Sandy just ate
    El tren apenas llego/ The train just arrived
    La comida apenas esta lista/ The food just got ready

    Hope you understand

    casi la mitad = <half
    Apenas la mitad = ≥half

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