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Can sb translate this Chinese FB status? I don't understand the grammar, it seems weird too me

Amy Chen feeling 人生說走就走真是挺驚奇的
2 hrs ·
喔,未來 I'm coming~

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    Facebook status is characterized by informal grammar for most of the time. Sometimes, the grammar can even be wrong, but you can feel what the posters want to express.

    In the case you mention, the grammar is not completely wrong, but just informal.

    [subject] {adverb} (verb) +adjective+
    [人生說走就走]{真}(是) +挺驚奇的+
    Leaving right away and go travelling is indeed astonishing.
    "go travelling"is what I add to help you understand it.
    说走就走 means "you announce the intention to leave and really leave right away."/"take leave without delay"

    Why I think it is informal, because in a formal register, 旅行是惊奇的 won't be a correct match in Mandarin. But in social networks, it is okay to use any match you like or you think appropriate because sometimes it can be very vivid.

    The expression 说走就走 derives from a very popular network language.
    There should be at least two impulses in life---one is love regardless of danger, the other is travel without delay.
    After that, when people mention 说走就走, they usually refer to go travelling right away, without much concern or hasitancy.

    For the next status:
    喔,未來 I'm coming~
    Oh, My future, I am coming to you.
    It is really a trip full of confidence.

    It can be referred to a real travelling experience, or that the poster is determined to do sth to achieve her goal.

    Sorry I can't understate what do you need help for.

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