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listening music is good for improving your english in listening and speaking?

I mean is it good to listen to music in English for pronunciation? because if you don't have the chance to find English speakers, so music could be your only way to listen the pronunciation and to improve your listening and speaking?

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is it good to listen them even you don't understand anything of what they say?

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    It's good, but not the most efficient method. better listen podcasts and try to repeat the sentences and phrases


    You can watch English speaking movies with English/Spanish subtitles. Music is good also.

    Yes!It is very useful for me!You can develop your interest of English during listening to music.So go and try it!It will be fun!


    Yo trato aprender español, y creo que el más español escucho, el mejor. Si estoy demasiado cansado y no puedo dar atención, de todos modos mi cerebro se absorbe algo sobre vocales y sonidos. No puedo mi sumerjo en español pero espero puedo engañar mi cerebro creer vivo en un mundo hispanohablante.


    I am trying to learn Spanish, and I think that the more Spanish I hear, the better. If I'm too tired and can't pay attention, nevertheless my brain absorbs something about vowel sounds, intonation, and cadence. I can't actually immerse myself in Spanish, but I try to fool my brain in thinking I'm in a Spanish-speaking world.

    Yes It's a good way , but not all of songs you can learn from it ... you can listen to audio books .. keep it on your phone and listen to it ..and not only audio books but also English movies and English Radio ^_^

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