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How do you congugate he/she/it in Russian?


I resource I've been using has taught me how to conjugate we, you (formal/informal), and I.

Я говорю
Ы говорите
Ты говоришь
Мы говорим

But I haven't learned he/she/it or they. How would I say: He speaks, She speaks, They speak?

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    There're 2 types of conjugations in Russian.
    1st conjugation

    he/she/it -ет ( -ёт)
    they -ут (or -ют).

    Дождь идёт.
    Дожди идут.
    Дождь льёт.
    Дожди льют.

    2nd one.

    he-she-it -ит
    they -ят(-ат)

    Он говорит
    Они говорят.
    Он дрожит
    Они дрожат.
    They taught us in school "how to tell the conjugation type from the infinitive" but the rule has so many exceptions.... Don't start from this end.
    Basically, -ить infinitives are 2nd. except for a few:) And a lot of non-ить 'exceptions':)

    Он говорит
    Она говорит
    Они говорят

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