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in which ways punjabi differs from hindi?

Some basic grammar differences please?

unfortunately couldn't find anything of value on the internet :( ! Want to understand punjabi songs :)))

from songs i learned ..
-wa' means future tense in punjabi thats one thing i got:) and 'tenu', 'menu' instead of mmujhe tujhe..

please, oh kind hindi-punjabi speakers :) and haan, thank you :)))

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    I guess you heard the song "main tenu samjhawa"
    Differences between Hindi and Punjabi are similar to differences between Italian and Spanish..
    You already wrote Tenu, menu..
    Then Twadda in punjabi - tumhara/tera in hindi
    Saada in punjabi - mera in hindi
    Kithe - kidhar
    ki - kya
    kedda - kaunsa
    I am not a Punjabi speaker per se, but I can understand some of it..

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