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how to say in arabic " i feel overwhelmed"

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    احس اني مغلوب على امري
    أنا أشعر بالإرهاق

    أنا مُرهق

    أشعر بالإرهاق it's " i feel overwhelmed"

    انا حاسس بتعب
    بالعامية المصرية

    If you can complete the sentence, why you feel like that because overwhelmed in Arabic has many meanings and its understand depend at the sentence by example here, I understand that you feel like this
    اشعر اني مشوش
    it's means that you can't think clearly
    او اشعر بعبء كبير
    it's means that there are problems you can't afford.
    مغلوب على امري

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