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In Cebuano and Filipino how to say " I am planning to come to Cebu soon for vacation" ?

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    Naa man koy plano nga muadto ug Cebu puhon para magbakasyon.

    (What i wrote literally means "I have a plan to go to Cebu soon for vacation". And by the way sir, I am not so sure with my spelling of those Cebuanos words. I am not a native Cebuano speaker but i know how to speak that dialect. )

    I hope that helps.

    In Filipino: (how I would say it, but it's possible that others may say it another way)

    Nagbabalak/May balak/Nagpaplano/May plano akong pumunta/magpunta sa Cebu para magbakasyon sa mga nalalapit na panahon.

    "pumunta/magpunta sa Cebu para magbakasyon" may be shortened to "magbakasyon sa Cebu".

    "sa mga nalalapit na panahon" = in the coming times (in the near future)
    "sa mga nalalapit na araw/linggo/buwan/taon" = in the coming days/weeks/months/years

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