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Does anyone have any helpful sites for Dutch Grammar?

I am struggling finding concrete rules for dutch grammar.

Also, can someone help me correctly phrase this?

Omdat, zij bent verlegen voor van de kusjes. (I'm trying to say because she is embarrassed from the kisses)

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    Hey Deann,

    I have found that the most tricky part of Dutch grammar (or to start with for me it was) is the word order because it differs so much from English. There is an incredibly comprehensive Dutch grammar website that is here --> which has absolutely everything you will ever need to know on it. For me I found using it tricky, especially at first, because I would need to know all the jargon for the types of words in a language. I have taken the route of simply learning what all these things are and have found that it has benefited me - mainly because that is how I learn best. I would also recommend getting a good book (some sort of self help/teach yourself book) to help you in your studies if you're serious about learning Dutch. I have found "Basic Dutch a Grammar and Workbook" by "Jenneke A Oosterhoof" is good, but you may not like it. If you simply want a grammar reference book then you could look into getting "Dutch Grammar You Really Need To Know", but I have found that particularly complex and something for when I have a far better knowledge of the language and how it functions. I have also found that because it's not particularly common to want to learn Dutch that many of the books out there are actually really good and intended for somewhat serious learners (a great thing in my opinion).

    There are many ways of learning things such as sentence structure and if you read about second language acquisition then I'm sure you will come across many more. If I am trying to get various sentence structures into my head then I will simply generate sentences and replace the words with others. I heard in a talk once that if you have 10 verbs, nouns and adjectives then there are a hell of a lot of sentences you can come up with!

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