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How do you best translate these Shami phrases?

أنا راح زماني هدر ولا كانش عندك خبر

غيروك ..علموك تنسى وتبيع اللي كان
بعته ليه .. تنسى ليه فين حبيبي بتاع زمان
فين قلبك من حبي ليه ماسكنش جنبي

These are part of a song that my sister needs translated for a dance routine.

Any help is appreciated!

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    Me, my time has been wasted while you wouldn't know
    They changed you, taught you to forget me and sell everything which we had
    Why you sold it, why you did forget me ,where's my sweetheart that I know
    where's your heart from my love, why it doesn't live beside

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