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Help with this small translation? Please~?

I am trying to translate a poem in Korean. I cannot find a good dictionary online that gives me proper translations.

So... in short... what does the word 간경 mean? The title of this poem is 새벽 간경 시간. I have determined that "새벽" is dawn and "시간" is time, but "간경" always comes up as "Cirrhosis" which I do not think is correct. If it is... what does that mean..?

Thank you so much! 감사합니다!!

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    간경 means
    불경을 읽음. 불경을 소리내지 않고 읽음.看經
    "read Buddhist scriptures with silence"

    새벽 간경 시간 means
    the time of reading Buddhist scriptures at dawn

    I believe you want this 간경 ( 間頃).

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