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Masters in France


I'm looking to do a Masters in France, but I would definitely need to find a program taught in English or a mixture of French and English. One program that I found that looks good is

I was wondering how this university ranks? There are some universities in the US which are known to look worse on your resume than no university education! I'm looking at the requirements to get in and they're not very rigorous so it makes me wonder if the university is just looking for money. I'm not looking for a very rigorous program because I will most certainly be working while attending school, but I do want to learn and have the education be worth while.

The specific program I will be doing is:

Here are some other places that I found too:

For learning: French
Base language: English
Category: Culture



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    It looks like ESIEE is better than EPITA according to this University rank.

    Epitech is not on the list, but when I type "epitech" in Google and I looks in french news, I see that they are on a project with Samsung, and a lot of articles about students' startups or awards..

    Let us know what you chose ! :)

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