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Good resources for Czech verb conjugation and noun declension?


I am just getting started in the language, and I foresee both of these parts of grammar as being stumbling blocks for me. Does anyone know of any good resources that can help me study conjugation and declension?


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    Hi Geoffrey,

    Having gone through the same daunting issues with Czech's cousin Slovak (and living right on the Czech border, so I was exposed to Czech anyway), your best option is to find proper useful phrases instead of trying to navigate the declension and conjugation patterns. Basically, the charts are simply too much information at once.

    The fact is, once you get into using and speaking the language, the verb and noun patterns (and adjective patterns too) become reasonably easy and logical. I've found a lot of good news and tips in dealing with the grammar, but far too much info to post here.

    I've had a quick search, and admittedly good information online is thin on the ground. Most courses are connected to general language websites, and one site that looks quite good (Mluvtecesky) won't be ready until next year. So, your best option would be to find a proper Czech native and for guidance and help.

    I'll leave Benny's link about Czech here, as food for thought:

    And you shall have verbs:

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