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What does "카카오수토리말하는 거랴?" mean?

Please help my friend asked me but I don't know what "거랴" ending means. Please give translation of sentences and examples of "거랴" thanks.

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    I think it's a typographical error. '거랴' has no mean in Korea.

    "카카오수토리말하는 거랴?" - > "카카오스토리 말하는 거야?"

    I'm not very good at English, but I think that could be translated in to "Are you saying the Kakao Story?"

    And '거야?' can be used in question sentences (informal).

    For example

    Are you trying to deceive us? (우릴 속이려는 거야?)

    Are you waiting for Bobby? (바비를 기다리고 있는 거야?)

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