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Question about hindi letters

What is the difference between these letters ??
1. त
2. थ
3. ट
4. ठ

I know only that there is difference of "Ta" and "Tha".
So what makes it 4 variation?

Thank you for your answers.

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    As you might know,alphabets in hindi are divided on the basis of there phonetic properties.There are 5 vargs (Groups) and nov-varg consonants.Each varg in turn consists of 5 consonants.
    like: 1st varg is ' क ख ग घ ङ ' etc.

    Moving to your question, diffrence lies in pronounciation -

    1. त - as in 'waTAshi'
    2. थ - as in 'THAnks'
    3. ट - as in 'TOmaTO'
    4. ठ - as in 'kaTHmandu'

    त and थ belong to same varg [4th] i.e, there pronunciation is similar but when used in different words they give rise to entirely different meanings e.g. 'taali' means clap but 'thaali' means a plate!.

    ट and ठ belong to same varg [3rd]. Difference is similar as above.Example could be 'टिकाना' is to make something stable n still while 'ठिकाना' would means someones address.

    Let me know if my explanation makes any sense!

    I belive the answer given by kunalc_iit is the best of my knowledge & needfull to you , there's a big diffrence in the pronounciation, like in french we use assent. I hope this will help you little

    difference is of prononciation and there r some words for which a different letter is when u wud have depth knowldge of it u wud be able to understand.dont bother abt it. i hope it helped u little .take care bye

    the r depend there pronounciation and u r soppose to write in that way they r pronounced

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