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Ola! I am going to Brazil later this year and need some help learning Brazilian portuguese! I speak Spanish and Im getting the two mixed up a lot. Help!

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    Cara Sarah,
    a confusão entre essas 2 linguas é compreensivel, pois são linguas muito semelhantes.
    No Brasil, você não terá muito problema com isso, porque entendemos bem o Espanhol, mas não sabemos o porquê, o contrário não é verdadeiro: se você misturar o espanhol com o português, nos paises de lingua espanhola, terá maior dificuldade de ser compreendida.
    Dont worry, you are in the good way.
    Hi Sara

    Portuguese is smilar a spanish , italian and french too :) This languages are a mix of Latin and celtic languages .
    Like Marcos said , you dont find many problems here . We can understand well Spanish .
    If you which , try help you .


    I can help you if you want. I speak portuguese, my first language. I can give you some informations some many places in Brazil. Where will you stay? Please, answer in my e-mail. Sincerely yours, Sandra
    Hi Alberto, how are you????
    Don't worry about this issue. As everybody wrote before, you can talk in Spanish and many people will understand you.
    If you need some help with Portuguese language, just ask ok?

    And when you arrive here, I hope you finding friendly people and go to beatiful places.

    Take care!!!
    Sorry, I put your name Alberto and I don't know why!!!!LOL

    Sorry Sarah....


    não tenha medo de vir para o Brasil
    if you understand Spanish you understand Portuguese

    Don't be afraid of coming for Brazil
    if you understand Spanish you understand Portuguese
    can you help me to talk english?
    welcome to Brazil.
    yo hablo portugues. um pouco de spañol.

    te puedo ayudar con el español facilmente

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