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polish keyboard

does anyone know how to get the accents uppon letters eg " é "
on a polish computer keyboard ???

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    Yep, what Kamil says. Also, it is usually the right-side Alt (Alt Gr) that does it, not the left one (at least on the computers I've used).
    (just because there is a Wikipedia entry for everything ;))

    you mean "ę" "ą" etc? alt+letter , "ź" = alt+x

    Kamil and Maria has right, but first of all, you must have adjust language of keyboard on polish.

    Such lines are actually not accents, they are signs of different sounds indeed ;)

    Oh, Kusio's right, you do need to adjust your keyboard first. Make sure you choose Polish programmers layout, in case your computer offers more than one layout.

    If you're using Windows XP, that would be:
    Control Panel > Regional and Language Settings > Languages
    Click on Details. This leads you to a box called Text Services and Input Languages
    On Install Services click Add
    A box called Add Input Language comes up. Choose Polish as Input Language. Choose Polish Programmers for Keyboard Layout. Confirm.

    Back to Text Services and Input languages. Make sure your Default Input Language is English. It won't hurt you if it's not as there are no special characters in it, but it helps keep things neat.

    Go to the lowermost (is there such a word in English???) button "Key Settings..." and choose the key combination you want to use to switch between English and Polish. The default is usually Left Alt+Shift, but I've seen other combinations too. Suit yourself :)
    Ok your way out of the system.
    Enjoy your new Polish layout :)

    Sorry if the explanation was unnecessary. Someone else might need it later. You never know :)

    And for fun, the little accents, commas, dots, tails on the letters are called diacritics. Some of them are accents, many more are not ;-)

    Hi Cäta,
    The above answers are really useful, here's an alternative way if your computer runs with windows xp. Go to 'help and support' on the start menu and type 'language bar' in the search box.
    From the results select 'switch languages or keyboards...' and follow the instructions to change from English to Polish. This will then give you the ability to select characters using the 'alt gr' key like a shift key to get e=ę s=ś z=ż x=ź etc...
    If you select 'show the language bar' you can drag and dock it into the lower toolbar and will be able to switch between English and Polish keyboards whenever. Good luck, Stephen

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