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what should i do to improve my portugues?

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    Hi Dhim!
    You have to know rules of grammar, i recommend you to visit this site:
    others sites:

    Is really necessary to know the rules of grammar, because the same word have two or three meanings!
    i hope this help you
    good luck! ;)
    Practice it wiht me.
    Hey, portuguese is very difficult because we have a lot grammar... but, i think you should start with talk, and after, start to learn grammar...

    Hey, I thing that the best way it´s talking and listening, because when we were children we didn´t learn the rules of grammar, we started to learn our first language hearing and talking and after this we studied the grammar in the school. When we learn the grammar everything seems to be easy, but when we try speak something it´s terrible, because we realize that only the grammar can´t help us. So the only way it´s trying to speak, to think in portuguese, to listen this language all the time, to read texts, etc.

    If you want I can help you.

    Honey( Carísssima) Dhim , for the intelligence emotional : Musics (>There u find lyrics/ LENINE, ZECA BALEIRO, ANA CAROLINA, VANESSA DA MATA, ZÉ RAMALHO....) , other good site is (Bilingual/Bílingüe site - English made in BR)!

    Só a prática leva à perfeição.
    Se quiser conversar, estou à disposição.
    Hi, Alberto
    What's your level of Portuguese? If you like, I can give you a hand with that :)

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