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Help italki Translate "Hello" into your own native language now!


Dear all,

Good news! italki is going to use different translations for Hello to decorate our own office. So if you can, please help translate Hello into your own native language now!

Thank you for your help.:)

Chinese: 你好。
Please specify the language first and then cite the translation for Hello.

Thank you for your help on this.

It would be great if we can get over 50 to 80 Hello in different languages!

Look forward to your reply on this.

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    lol... I'm not good at languages but..I'm good at looking up for dictionary
    French: Bonjour / Salut / Comment allez-vous?
    Spanish: Salud, hola
    German:Guten Tag!

    Wow!!! That sounds really interesting....An innovative and appropriate method to decorate the office..I am sure the office looks much more lively after the decoration...Here goes the hindi translation from an indian member....
    नमस्ते - Hello
    Looking forward to see the translations in all languages....

    German = Hallo! ("Guten Tag!" is too formal)

    Can we see the photos when it's done?

    Russian: Привет! (it's more like "hello"; "Здравствуйте" is too formal like "Good day")

    Arabic: مرحبا

    Romanian: Salut

    Dutch = Hallo (or "Hoi" which is more informal)

    And I second domasla's question. ;)

    In my country, Philippines, we say the same Hello !

    Hello is hello. We dont have a tagalog word for hello.

    lithuanian = labas

    In Vietnamese, we say: Xin Chào or Chào

    hungarian: SZIA

    wow! it sounds great and hope it is. ^_^
    well in Nepal,
    nepalese= Namaste!

    Bosnian : Zdravo
    Türkish = Selam
    German = Hallo
    Spanish = Hola
    Well,I'm going to do the translation of the word "hello" from each of the languages I know or have ever been learning.
    Russian - Привет!
    Latvian - Sveiki!
    Swedish - Hej!
    Finnish - Hei!
    Bulgarian - Здравей!
    Macedonian - Здраво!
    Well here goes the one in spanish Hello= Hola. Greetings for everyone @ from Puerto Rico. You all are a great friends!!!

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