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Translating a dialogue


I'm trying to translate a dialogue, but one line from it I can't fully understand. I'd be grateful, if you could give some directions or hints about it.

So, here's the gist of dialogue, there two are speaking: the eldest daughter(D) in the family and an outsider(O):

O: Your mother tried to sold out her own daughter (the youngest one) to a brothel.
D: It's a lie! Even if mother were to starve to death, she'd never do that!
O: Reality's cruel.
O: (Next follows the aforementioned line): 君だって母上を責められた義理かい?
O: While pretending to be a caring elder sister, in heart you revel in your superiority? God sure has sense of style. When Elder sister was gifted with various excellent abilities, younger one, on other hand, received only worst ones. Thanks to that, you're always keeping her beside yourself to truly feel your supremacy.

I hope, it's enough to give some understanding. Thanks in advance!

Additional Details:

How I analyzed the line:

君だって = You too / Even you
母上 = One's or my mother
責められた = was/were blamed/criticized or could blame/criticize or just polite form
義理 = A duty, an obligation / A right
かい = a particle, marks familiarity

So I thought:

1) You too have to/have a right blame your mother;
2) You too have to be blamed for (?) your mother;

But it doesn't make any sense. What confuses me:

a) 'Too/Even' - If it's the case, who else is meant in the line?
b) 'を' as far as I know, pretty rare in passive form and only used in passive of owner or sufferer. But it doesn't seem to be the case. So what does it mean?
c) '義理' = Maybe there're another meanings apart from 'duty' and 'right'?

Additional Details:

P.S. I'm sorry, it seems the site deleted all line breaks. >.<

Additional Details:

P.P.S. Or it didn't.

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    You can't with any justice blame your mother.

    Take a look at the first example in this page.

    The 義理 above is the same as the one of 君だって母上を責められた義理かい?

    君だって= even you
    母上 = your mother
    責められた(責められる) = can blame
    かい?(か?) = ~, right? Do you ~?

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