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meaning of でも



I'm trying to read an article on NHK web easy but I would need some help to translate one of the sentences:

What does "でも" mean in this context? Is it something like "Miyazaki is a film animation director famous even internationally"?

Many thanks!

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    This 世界でも means 日本だけでなく、世界でも. = not only in Japan but also in the world.
    で = in, も = too.

    If you omit 日本だけでなく in this context, 世界でも implies that you want to say "not only in Japan."

    ex, お金はコンビニでもおろせます。
    This sentence doesn't say 銀行だけでなく, but it implies that you can draw money from other places too.

    In this context, it's not "even", it's used for emphasize "in the world", so the basic meaning is 世界で有名な. I don't know if there is a word for it in English or not for my English.

    I hope you understand a bit more than before and also hope other people help you with better answers.

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