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Need help with sentence :/

This is the sentence:

I'm having a problem understanding the use of "に" here "日本語弁論大会や奨学金やJETプログラムなど学生時代に".

And I do not understand the use of "ちろんのことである" in this sentence

Help is glady appreciated

(JET program is a Japanese exchange teaching program)

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    Regarding に, it's one of case particles. It describes movement and time. And in this case, it is about time 'When'. When I was at school,~' 学生時代に~

    About '~はもちろんのことである’, in English, it is 'It goes without saying that~'.
    In this sentence, a teacher feels quite happy not only when he/she has students who won some awards but also when he/she meet up with his/her former students and know their activities.

    This is 勿論のことである. It sounds like you don't even need to mention this fact, comparing to other facts this fact is obvious.

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