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How to say "I'd like to share a tip" in Korean?



In a video, I want to say something along the lines of "If you're going to Korea soon, I'd like to share a tip. You can get a free T-money card blablabla...". It is not a strong recommandation, just a tip I want to share.

I found the following experssions:
Expression 1: 저 의견을 줄게요.
Expression 2: 저 충고 할게요.

What would you say in this situation?

감사합니다 ^^


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    You found the right translation. If you'd like to say more naturally in Korean, you'd say,

    "조언 하나 할께요".

    Expression 1. 저 의견을 줄게요--> 제 의견을 줄게요(or 말할게요)
    Expression 2. 저 충고 할게요. --> 제가 충고 (하나) 할게요.


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