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What is "I'm sorry, please forgive me" in Mandarin

Please help me.... Answer my question.....

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    dui4 bu4 qi3, qing3 yuan2 liang4 wo3.
    sorry, please forgive me.

    dui4 bu4 qi3, yuan2 liang4 wo3 hao3 ma1 ?
    i'm sorry, would you please forgive me?

    "dui bu qi, qing yuan liang wo" =)
    "I'm sorry" it mean that someone make mistake something to some body."please forgivme"it mean that when someone make mistake to some body and then to make request to except mistake themseve. Are you Ok.

    Dui bu qi, yuan liang wo hao ma?

    dui bu qimqing yuan liang wo 对不起,请原谅我

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