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what kind of girl do you better?the clever one , the beautifulor ,or the cute one?

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    I think i like cleaver girl
    understandably and heartful
    smart and cute ^_^

    i am a girl, i like the cute one...
    there is no this girl,and now the girls are crazy~~
    first of all,what kind of girl you are?

    I like pork better

    Any one of the three would be fine. But a combination of all-of-the-above would really be sublime.

    Maybe most people like clever more then others But now i like beautifulor one And i wanta learn English now

    I would prefer a clever girl, the beauty is on the inside.

    I like chicken.

    Forgot to mention, I like breast meat on the chicken. Yum.
    Of course, i like the girl who is both clever, beautiful and cute. haha, who can introduce such a girl to me, ill be really realy happy

    I thike the smart and cute girl

    Chicken is good, but not as good as pork!

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